A touch of French style in your American Styled Fridge-

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A refrigerator is a super essential commodity in your home which always proves itself to be a life-savior for those winter days and those chilled winters also. So in this content, we are going to discuss some of the features of a brilliant looking American style fridge which has a luxurious French touch in it. The proper name of the refrigerator is BLOMBERG KFD4952XD FREESTANDING AMERICAN STYLE FRIDGE FREEZER C/W FRENCH STYLE DOORS.

Some great features of this refrigerator:

  1. It has a superb dual cooling technology which uses two fans and evaporators which are excellent for maintaining the ideal humidity of the fridge as well as the freezer. And this double cooling facilities helps you getting your odor free refrigerator which I guess everybody wants.
  2. If you always need chilled water and beer in your refrigerator then water dispenser provided on the door will make your need for chilled water satisfied. The freezer has an ice maker that will keep you in a good supply of ice every time.
  3. Thirdly, the blue light technology will keep your fruits and vegetable stored in the refrigerator fresh for a longer period of time. It literally produces little vegetable and fruit waste because it helps in keeping the fruits and vegetable crisp and firm. Also, you have fresh fruits and vegetable for a longer duration of time then obviously you’ll have to trip less to the store.
  4. Energy saving is a very crucial and beneficial factor in today’s life so it’s very important that you get an appliance which has an A+ energy saving rating. And the refrigerator about which I am talking about has an A+ rating. So it nearly saves up to 24% energy than any other regular models of the refrigerator.
  5. Due to a LED display, it enables you to control all the features of your fridge with a single touch only. You don’t need to open your refrigerator to regulate the temperature within or handle any of the features within the refrigerator.
  6. There are numerous chiller compartments which can keep your uncooked meats and fishes fresher for a longer duration of time.
  7. There is a superb new feature called holiday mode which will keep your refrigerator run efficiently and effectively as well. So you don’t need to worry about the function of the refrigerator if you are out for a holiday.
  8. We eventually make a very common mistake which is we sometimes keep the doors of the refrigerator open. For this common mistake also it has a very innovative solution which is alarming sound if you have kept the door open it will immediately give you an alarming sound after few seconds which will remind you that you have kept your refrigerator door open.
  9. If you need some fast freezing then it has a facility of fast freezing also which has a capability of locking freshness in the foods which are kept in the refrigerator.
  10. Beautiful lighting in your refrigerator will eliminate the whole interior of your refrigerator beautifully and it is super durable also which means it will last for a good span of time
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  12. It’s very important for a refrigerator to maintain a proper and equal temperature. So for this thing, this has multiple air vents that will maintain the temperature in both freezers as well as in the fridge. It also has multiple shelves which are used to store numerous things in the fridge.

Some great specification:

  1. The build type is freestanding.
  2. It has an A+ rating in energy saving..
  3. Total capacity is 530 L.
  4. Fridge capacity is 378 L.
  5. Freezer capacity is 152 L.
  6. There is a total of 3 fridge shelves..
  7. 2 freezer drawers are present..
  8. It has an approx height of 1820 mm.
  9. And its length of 840 mm.
  10. It has a beautiful color of the stainless steel look..

So these were only a few features and specifications that will make you convinced that you should definitely buy it. And also there were only a few features it has much more features than these. The price is € 1,199.99 which is pretty good because it is on sale currently.

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