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Double door fridge with a bigger size along with an ice/water dispenser is the newest trend in the field of fridges. It is the most essential and common appliance in the kitchen which is required by every household all over the world. In this context, we are going to talk about one of the best-reviewed and top-rated American fridge frezer which is “Samsung RFG23UEBP Black 3 Door American Fridge Freezer | Ice & Water”.

What all features freeze fridge has:

FreshSafe vegetable drawer: it has two large drawers which can maintain the level of correct humidity that can keep your fruits and vegetable inside the freezer.

Water/Ice dispenser: it is a super new technology in the world of the refrigerator which is tap like structure attached just front of the door which can get you chilled water in your glass or even having some ice in your soft drink. It has an inbuilt purifier also which helps you getting healthier water also.

LED lighting: LED is now everywhere, in your interior designing exterior designing everywhere. So this idea has been inculcated into refrigerators also. The LED lighting looks so illuminating that it will manage you fall in love with itself.

Multiflow cooling: Multiflow cooling is very important because it has many multi-levels of cooling for multi-compartments. This only helps in even cooling all over the refrigerator. And it also helps in maintaining the temperature after the door has been opened.

Twin cooling technology: you can handle the temperature for the freezer as well as for the fridge which really manages to maintain the correct temperatures differently. It doesn’t let air supply from one compartment to another. So it maintains the temperature correctly.

CoolSafe Lock: it is a technology that holds on the cool air within the fridge only that helps in reducing the energy loss.

Auto Pull-out drawer: it is the larger drawer that helps in keeping all the things in a manageable manner. This helps in separating different types of things in a single drawer.

Flexing Shelving option: it is an option in which you can take out as well as fit in the different shelves according to you. This helps you giving freedom to clean up your fridge nicely.

Different types of mode:

  1. Fresh mode: it helps in keeping all the stuff fresh and long-lasting.
  2. Chilled: it is a mode which is ideal for storing raw meat and fishes also it proves to be the natural temperature you keep the raw material.

Some more specification:

  • The net dimension is 908 mm
  • The net height of the refrigerator is 1774 mm
  • And the net depth with door handle is 774 mm
  • And net depth without door handle is 712 mm
  • the net weight is 143kg
  • It has twin cooling feature with no frost technology
  • It has an automatic ice-making technology.
  • The Black color is available in black

It has been rated superbly with around 9.5 ratings out of 10. It has A+ energy saving rating also since energy saving is so important nowadays that it is becoming a necessity for all appliances to have an A+ or A++ rating. It has a climatic adapter which can adapt according to the climate outside. So due to this facility, you don’t need to adjust the temperature from time to time. It has a nominal price of £ 1,240 which will turn out to be a good investment if you are thinking to invest in this refrigerator.

You can enjoy chilled water as well as an ice cube in a single button because it has a dual dispenser with it. You can definitely store more food and stuff because of the thin wall insulation technology. Store every size and every quality of food, drinks, or items with no worries at all. So it is a defiant suggestion to get a fridge like this which will make your life much easier than before.

This is the safest as well as the most innovative option in the current range of refrigerator. If you are thinking to change your existing one then do Buy this American fridge freezer for sure

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