Best American Fridges – A Guide

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Fridges act as the center of attraction for any kitchen. They offer you space of storage, and it also enthuses a bit of style statement. Since they have some technologies that help out the homemakers to preserve your food products. We would be giving you a short breakdown on some of the American Fridges that is best for everyone.

We would be factoring in some of the points and accordingly giving you a step by step checklist. Let’s look at them one by one,

Beko ASGN542X side by side American Fridge Freezer

Best Feature:Family Friendly

Forget finding every nook and corner of your old fridge, and bring in this new, improved and awesome version of Bex.It has voluminous space inside of it, and it can literally store upto 30+ bags of groceries inside of it. It also contains a whole lot of specifications consisting,

1.Bacteria-resistant door locks.

2.Twin Cooling.

3.Rapid temperature restoration, all thanks to the vents present inside it.

4.Humidity controlled drawers and LED lightings to add to the beauty of it.

LG GSX961NSAZ American Fridge Freezer

Best Feature:Simplicity in usage

Do you want to find out how much products you have left inside the fridge, how many vegetables, and so on and so forth?Well, you can just knock on the door, and voila you can see the inside of your fridge. The opaque glass will turn transparent and you can monitor the inside without letting the cold air escape thereby saving power.Some of the features for the LG GSX961NSAZ include,

1.It has the non-plumbed water and ice dispenser which helps you in storing a massive amount of food items.

2.Smartphone app enabled for swifter solutions for this model.

3/Child Lock available.

Caple CAFF27 side by side American Fridge Freezer

Best Feature: Sleek and Smooth Finish

Caple’s model is an epitome of smoothness that many of the other models rarely boast about. The fridge is completely handle-less which makes it cleaner and less clumsy than with handles. Some of the features that this offers for the consumers include,

Electronic touch display coupled with LED Display.

Contains an anti-spill adjustable glass shelf.

Contains the super-freeze function and auto defrost technology.

Hi-Sense RS696 side by side American Freezer

Best Feature:Budget option

Hi-Sense’s RS696 is one of the affordable models in this collection, but it packs in a lot of punch when it comes to the list of features that it offers.

1.It contains a plumbed water and ice dispenser.

2.Contains the inverter compressor for saving up excess energy.

3.Temperature stability and ensures less noise throughout the course when it’s functioning.

4-Fast Freeze and Holiday Mode functionality.

Liebherr SBSE7165 Premium Plus Side by Side American Freezer

Best Feature:The one for entertainment

This model acts as the all in one chilled out storage compartment for all of your food products and chilled champagnes as well. Because, it functions like a fridge, a freezer, and a wine cellar in a literal sense with some beautiful functionalities.

Let us have a look at some of them,

1.Internal Ice Maker

2.Telescopic rail-based drawer mechanism.

3.Variospace Storage System.

Twin Cooling functionality.

Samsung RF56K9540SR Family Hub multi-door American Freezer

Best Feature:Tech savvy

When it comes to Samsung, you always need to assume that the product would be ridden with technical specs and feature-sets. Some of the vital features for this product include,

1.It contains Family Hub which connects your refrigerator to your smartphone. It connects it with Food Management, Family Connection, entertainment and so much more.

2.There are cameras present inside the fridge that helps you check for products that might be running low.

3.You can switch alternatively in between the fridge and the freezer mode.

CDA PC900SS Premium Quadrant American Fridge Freezer

Best Feature:Design Efficient

This is one of the four-door models, and it has multiple compartments using which you can store up your food products. Some of the features provided by it include,

1.Multi-zone section which can be used as a fridge or a freezer effectively.

2.Touch Screen display for efficient controls.

3.Q drink functions will help to cool out your drinks in an instant.

How do you select the best American Fridge-Freezer?

There are a couple of points that need to taken into consideration while selecting the one for you,

1.Select the perfect layout –You need to select whether you want the big ones or the ones that would look chic and comfortable. The models come in various sizes like the two doors, four doors, side door models, etc which makes this an essential point to consider.

2.Storage Space –By storage space, we mean that it should be a balanced fit in between the fridge and the freezer. Having a big spaced model with only a single functionality might not be a good choice.

3.Food Preservation Specifications –This is the foremost feature that needs to be looked out for whilst buying the American Fridge-Freezer. Many of the models come in with in-built indicators for food preservation. Some models come with a cool zone and fast-freezing functionality as well.

4.Energy Saving option –Since your fridge is conventionally switched on 24*7, it’s not a good idea to keep it on whilst you are not at home. Opt-in for a no frost model that would seldom need defrosting. You can even take in a model with holiday mode which will save your electricity costs.

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